“Let me share how I plan my day”

I always love learning about new productivity techniques and being reminded of others. So when a friend asked if I was interested to hear how he planned his day, I jumped at the chance. He combines a number of different techniques and one of them that I want to share in this blog post is categorization.

After he had divided his tasks up for the day, he grouped them into similar types of work. For example, he would have an admin day, a day where he calls people or where he focuses on one part of his business. This made a lot of sense to me as it gets you into the right frame of mind.

I also tend to have certain days where I group tasks.  I concentrate on seeing clients on certain days and have blogging days where I write a few blogs. I find it stops me from chopping and changing tasks. They say that multitasking can be inefficient as it takes time to transition from task to task. If you are doing similar tasks, that transition time is reduced.

All businesses and jobs are different. Consider grouping your tasks and see how it would look for you if you were to concentrate on these tasks on certain days. Why not try it out for a few weeks and see if it helps your productivity.

Happy categorizing.