“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

I was recently reminded of the importance of play. Maybe I speak for myself, but sometimes as adults, we can get too serious checking things off our to-do list and achieving our goals. Sure, it can be satisfying and rewarding but we shouldn’t forget to play too.

So how can we have more play in our lives? Goof around. Not take ourselves so seriously. Imitate our children. They are experts at having fun. Playing for the sake of playing. For the pure enjoyment of it. Paint, make things with playdough, build LEGO, play hide and seek, chase each other, etc.

I asked a friend how she played and she gave me a long list of super ideas like watching Disney movies, singing, dancing around the kitchen, jumping around, playing tricks, and trying new things. One of them was “colouring her boyfriend when he was sleeping”. I first read this as “colouring when her boyfriend was sleeping” and then I got it. Laughed out loud.

I used to play board games (and love them) but haven’t done that for a while so will get back into it. I was playing online Rummikub with friends so will try to get a few games in over the holiday season.

I know it’s important to have more play and certainly want to have more in my life.

What do you do to play in your life?