Last week, I attended my Toastmaster club’s Christmas party. I belong to a trilingual Toastmasters club. We speak in English, German and French. A few weeks before I had received a message asking if I wanted to participate in the Secret Santa. I love this kind of thing so of course said yes.

I opened Zoom to a screen full of festive colour. Many had decorated themselves with Santa hats, baubles or Christmas tinsel. Some had festive zoom backgrounds or special effects. One of the members was DJ with Christmas music in the background. Our president who is also a dance teacher got us going with some dance moves to get us into the groove.

Then guess what? Santa, all the way from the North Pole joined our Zoom meeting. Ho ho ho! Each member who had participated in the Secret Santa opened their present, telling a story about it and having a go at guessing who had sent it.

Mine was a pretty quill pen with 3 sparkly notebooks, perfect for writing hopes, wishes and dreams for 2021. I decided to challenge myself by making a small announcement that I would use one of the notebooks to give a speech in German. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while. I know my Toastmasters colleagues will hold me to it, which is why I announced it to them.

Want to do something in 2021? Announce it.