This family offsite was right before the end of the year, to say farewell to 2020 and hello to 2021.

As usual, it started with a review of the last quarter. Both my husband and I were pretty proud of ourselves as we gave our highest ranking for the last quarter. It’s not strictly needed but a bit of fun to gauge how the quarter went.

What was different in the last quarter compared to the previous ones? We really aligned our goals with the todos.  There was no fluff this time, no secret secondary lists that we were working on so all our efforts went into this list. There were things that had previously been on the list that we were tired of rolling, so this was the quarter to take them off.

We got really efficient this year, working in bursts of 15 minutes instead of our usual 25 minute Pomodoro sessions. We would walk around or take a tea or chocolate break in the 5 minutes between sessions. We were targeted and felt that we could cover all topics across the board from family living to work setup to extended family health. I love that we can cover so much scope in such a short period of time.

Since it was the year-end, we also looked over 2021 and what we wanted to achieve before breaking it down into smaller goals for the first quarter.  This family offsite took just 4 hours and we were done and ready for action.

I highly recommend family offsites if you don’t already do them.