Have you got a lot on your mind? Maybe it’s an unanswered email? Something that’s broken in the house that needs fixing. A report that was due ages ago. A friend that you haven’t contacted for a while. Worries or demands from work, home, family, friends, partners. Many of us do.

I remember reading about restaurant staff who would be able to remember orders until the guests had paid their bill. It’s like opening a folder for when they come in and once they leave, the folder is closed and everything is forgotten. Then it’s finished and done.

Imagine all these open folders in your mind taking up space. It’s the beginning of the year so why not do a big brain dump of all the open tasks you can think of and collect them in one place. I like to type my list into Asana but regular paper will do. You can then see what needs to get done. 

You can group them however you want. Personally, I love the Eisenhower Matrix going by importance and urgency but see what works for you. 

If there’s a lot of quick tasks that can be done, set aside a block of time to tackle them together to reduce your list.

The brain dump itself will already help you feel lighter and getting through the list will lighten you up even more. 

Brain dump time – Have fun!