Have you ever started clearing something in your home out? Only to find that it has a knock-on effect where you find yourself noticing others areas you want to clear. You end up clearing more and more. That’s what has been happening to me in the digital world.

After getting to Zero Inbox (1), I started looking at how many products I am using to store information, for example Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc. I realized they were very similar and I don’t need them all. It is a good time to start decluttering and save myself some subscription fees in the process.

When I first started filing things away, I realized I had so created so many folders over the years. To start, I wanted a better filing structure to move things to. It started with the most basic folders Business and Personal. Then I went through and dragged everything into those folders. I wanted to have as few folders as possible so looked through and decided on a basic structure, for example Accounting, Blogs, Clients, Masterminds, Workshops, etc. As I moved files into these folders, I found duplicate folders and things I could delete. I’m still in the process but already it feels so good.

Once I get my Google Drive in order, I can start migrating my files on Dropbox there too. I hadn’t thought about migrating Evernote but since I started writing this blog post, I see it as a possibility too.

Is it time for a digital declutter?