“A bad plan is better than none at all”

I was recently reading up on sleep training for children and the author talked about “having a strategy which is much, much better than feeling helpless”. For me, feeling helpless is one of the toughest feelings to feel and I’ve seen it in many clients.

There are many roots, for example, if a child is in a situation where they have the feeling they cannot do anything to change their situation, perhaps they are too young or too small to protect themselves or their loved ones, the feeling of helplessness may kick in. They may default to this feeling as an adult and find themselves freezing up, paralysed and unable to move forward.

That’s why a bad plan is better than none at all. It’s because it gets you moving in some shape or form. The value is in getting started. Once there is movement, there is momentum and you tweak, pivot, and change direction more easily.

I’ve noticed this with many aspects of training with my son, from reading to maths, from handling tantrums to sleep training. With a strategy or plan, everything feels more doable, after all, there’s a plan. The plan may not turn out as we expect but at least we have something to work with.

How about for you – where would a plan, even a bad plan be a good start?

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