I was training with Adrienne of BreezeFit Training (1) and she asked me to go into the downward facing dog position. I explained that I wasn’t flexible and couldn’t put my heels on the ground. I had tried on numerous occasions to “walk” whilst in this position, lowering my heels in the hope that eventually they would touch. It felt like mission impossible.

“Step forward until you can and then lower your heels from there.”

I hadn’t thought to step forward and only move backwards when my heels would reach. Sometimes the simplest and most obvious answer is staring in your face and you don’t see it.

Anyway BOY! could I feel it, especially as she made sure my legs were straight. It was a workout as I felt my hamstrings and the muscles in my calf scream. I told her it was hurting and asked her if she knew what I meant. She replied “Of course, everyone has their limits”. She recommended that I do this exercise daily and that if I kept it up, I would notice the difference.

I was reminded of a few lessons in this short interaction. If it’s too hard, go back to something that is a bit simpler and work your way up slowly. You need to put in regular practice to change things. Everyone has a different limit.

Where could you do with a stretch? 🙂