A very successful entrepreneur at Sigrun Live (1) spoke about her experiences. She had given her all for her online course and whilst the vast majority of her feedback was positive, a negative rating really hurt her and she took it very personally.

I know how she feels. It’s very common to feel that way. I’ve received a lot of feedback through Toastmasters, working with speakers giving courses and speaking myself.

A few years ago, I came across a model that helped me come to terms with negative feedback. Imagine a normal distribution curve, this is the range of feedback that you may get. Whatever you do, whether you have the performance of your life or otherwise, 5% will love you no matter what and 5% will hate it no matter what (2).

Let’s say you incorporate all the feedback, changing it accordingly. With your new work, there will still be 5% that love it and 5% that hate it. Rather than try to change everything, instead you can expect that not everyone will like it. Take the top and bottom 5% with a pinch of salt and look at what the majority says instead.

When you almost expect negative feedback, it doesn’t feel that bad. You can read and digest it more easily. There will always be someone who loves what you do and someone who doesn’t.

Take what makes sense for you and leave the rest.


1) Sigrun Live – My mastermind mentor Sigrun hosts 2 live days for people that belong to her program.

2) I don’t know the name of this model so in case you do, please let me know.