“I can’t believe she’s resigned”

In 2012, I handed in my resignation to the bank that I was working for. I had been working there for 13 years in different roles and although I enjoyed my last role and liked the team, I had been thinking about pursuing my own company for a while and it was time. 

I remember a friend that was working for the bank being shocked. At the time, my husband was looking for a job so there wasn’t a stable income coming in. She had gone home and told her husband what I had done. Her husband had expressed surprise as to why she was so triggered and told her that we had probably thought it through.

It wasn’t until a few years later that she told me she understood why she had reacted so strongly. She realised she also wanted to have her own business and by me resigning, it had awakened this desire in her which came out in the form of strong emotions. 

Have you ever experienced this? Sometimes, it’s not obvious what is going on. We have a strong reaction to something but we don’t know why. It can be that deep down, we actually want to do the same thing but haven’t admitted it to ourselves yet.

Whenever you are next triggered, ask yourself and be honest, is this something I want for myself too?