Do you find yourself getting more work done when you have accountability? I know I do. I love having others working alongside me. I tend not to stray onto things like social media or household tasks. I actually work on the tasks I have scheduled and not put them off.

Edson Williams and I have created a Co-Working Café where for the price of a coffee or tea, you can join for a couple of hours. There will be other people working on their projects and you will be asked what you are working on.

This type of accountability is particularly good for us Obligers! If you don’t know what an Obliger is, take Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies test (1) and you can find out what your tendency is. An Obliger is someone that meets external expectations so does better with deadlines and other people expecting something of you. 

We get annoyed that we need external factors to keep ourselves in check. Once we get over ourselves and accept this as a part of who we are, we can setup the environment that best suits our personality. We hate to let people down so do our best to turn up and do the work. Then we feel good about ourselves. 

Have you been procrastinating on a project for a while now? Reserve your Monday morning 10am – 12pm CET and move it forward. We look forward to seeing you at the Co-Working Café! You can sign up here.


  1. https://quiz.gretchenrubin.com/