I like travel time!

There is something special about travelling. It’s like you enter a transition zone where all of a sudden, not only are you being transported to another place physically, you’re transported mentally too.

I recently travelled to visit a good friend of mine in Geneva. It’s an almost 3-hour train journey and once the train got going, I settled into my seat and got to work on some of the things I had been meaning to do. I caught up with a couple of modules of a course, scanned my Rocketbook (1) and took some time to listen to my audiobook too. It was satisfying and productive.

Remember the days we used to fly? Once I got to the airport and walked through the security check, I would forget about everything that needed to be done at home because there wasn’t much I could do about it anyway. It’s like the mental chatter stops and I can be present.

Travelling is also a good time for my husband and I to catch up with what is going on. We’ve often had long conversations in the car travelling somewhere, catching up on life and making plans. Even a short walk to get somewhere is a chance to clear my head. 

Most of us these days are homebound, so for good and bad, there’s less travel time.

Do you like travel time and what do you use your travel time for?


  1. https://eu.getrocketbook.com/