Recently my friend Cécile Bastien Remy, a wonderful keynote speaker and public speaking coach (1), gave shoutouts on LinkedIn to women that have supported her over the years. She did it so beautifully telling how they have inspired her. 

She was very kind and wrote about how I had given her an opportunity to grow where she spoke at an event Curious Courses Day I used to organize. It was one of her first bigger audiences, and as she puts it – a milestone in her new communication career at the time.

What I love about Cécile is her incredibly positive and compelling energy that has her always moving forward. She gave a wonderful Tedx talk entitled Bounce Forward (2), showing how she built resilience following an extreme setback in life. 

We originally knew one another from Toastmasters and a few years ago, we attended Spectacular Speaking, a 2-day public speaking workshop together in Berlin. I remember getting to know her better as we told each other stories from our lives and our family stories. 

There are many inspiring things about Cecile. For a start she’s a dynamic and inspirational speaker who is a strong storyteller. I love her openness, kindness, generosity and she’s a fantastic connector often sharing opportunities. She’s surrounded by wonderful supportive women because she is one herself! I’m grateful to call her my friend.

Who inspires you in your life? Give a shoutout!


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  2. Bounce Forward – Tedx Talk