May is full of school holidays. 

There are 2 weeks of Spring holidays, then Ascension and Pentecost. Like many mothers I’ve spoken to, these holidays feel like they just spring up unexpectedly. You have just finished one holiday and already there’s another.

Last year, I struggled with this because I was used to having more control over my time. When my little boy was in daycare, we could choose when to take holidays. However, once you’re in the school system, it’s no longer us that dictates the holidays, it’s the system.

In the past, I noticed that I tried to keep up with work and spend time with my little boy. It was hard. I felt that I was neither here nor there. It was unsatisfying for everyone involved.

This Spring holiday, I made a conscious effort to not split myself and instead focus on spending time with my little boy. This meant no blogs and not working on pitches for a couple of weeks. I felt I was more present for myself and for him. 

I can happily say that I honestly felt the benefits. The whole household felt more relaxed as I wasn’t stressing trying to do everything. It gave me some proper and needed time to come back stronger. And of course, I spent quality time with my little boy who won’t stay little forever.

How about you? Do you ever find yourself neither here nor there? If so, I highly recommend choosing to be only here or only there – see for yourself how it makes you feel.