“I want to give back to the club”

Last week, I attended the election meeting where we elected the committee for the new year in my Toastmasters club. Every candidate had to present themselves and what they planned to do should they be elected. In each of the speeches, I could feel the emotion and the want to help improve and take the club forward. 

Everyone felt that they had learnt so much from the club and now they wanted to give something back to help others.

Having been a member of the committee over the years and in various roles, I know the effort it takes. It’s a bit like being a parent, some days it’s frustrating and exhausting and you wonder what you have done. Other days, you see a new member start to open up or you see someone who’s struggled in the past manage to express themselves and it is so rewarding.

There are many opportunities in life to give back and the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. We have all benefited from someone giving back in our lives. It could be a simple word of advice to a new teammate, spending time teaching a child, volunteering in a club or something else. It’s satisfying in a way that goes deeper, that stays with you for longer and shows you the beauty we have in the world.

Where are you giving back?