“It’s on my not todo list”

My husband often tells me this, sometimes as a joke and sometimes he really means that he won’t do something. We all know about to-do lists but do you have a not to-do list? 

I’ve recently taken a leaf out of his book and added something to my not to-do list and it’s surprisingly freeing.

I was getting involved with some family discussions that I found frustrating and felt they weren’t going anywhere. When I decided to put these discussions on my not to-do list, I realised how much mind space they had been using. I honestly felt lighter straight away. I have enough on my plate and am happy to let go of some things to think about.

Having a not to-do list can be as useful, if not more, than having a to-do list. You give your mind some clear instructions on what you can skip and drop, giving yourself more capacity for other areas in your life where you do want to focus.

It can be something that you want to never do again or it could be something that you just want to park for the time being. Either way, it’s clear that this is not up for discussion until a later point – that you decide on.

Do you have a not to-do list? Great if you do and if you don’t, it’s worth considering and what would you put on it?