“Do you have a coach or a therapist?”

I sometimes get this question and the answer is a big YES, I work with a lot of different people to work through different challenges and areas I would like to develop. Some people find it strange that a coach would need a coach or a therapist would need a therapist as they think if they are in that line of work, they “should” be able to fix themselves.

It doesn’t work like that as when you are in your own stuff, it’s hard to see objectively. You’re part of the issue, it’s like being in the middle of a wood and you’re trying to get out. You’re right in the middle of it and you can’t see clearly. You may be able to get yourself out but it will take time. It’s faster when there’s someone on the outside who can see where you are and guide you more quickly.

Let’s take sports, where it’s almost expected to have a coach, especially at the professional level. For example, running 5Ks to marathons to ironman races to ultramarathons to personal bests. There’s always another level.

When we understand that we can get help for anything we want to work on, be that in business, developing a new skill or working through an issue, it becomes easier and quicker to move forward. It’s worth the investment because it’s an investment in yourself.