“I learn to do the task myself first” 

I was speaking to one of my mastermind group ladies and she said before she outsourced something, she liked to get a basic understanding of the task so she knew what was involved. That could be putting something on social media, producing a basic video, producing a report, or something else.

I understood what she meant. I outsource tasks to my virtual assistant and because I know what is involved, I find myself being a lot more appreciative. 

I’ve noticed this in other parts of my life too. When I was invited to weddings in the past (before I got married myself), I would just rock up to the party and have a good time. After going through months of preparation for my own wedding, I had a whole new level of appreciation for other weddings. I saw the finer details, I understood what was involved, and enjoyed it at a much deeper level. 

This was the same for when I organized a big day event for my old company with 19 speakers. When I attend large events, I understand what is involved and get what it takes to do it. 

By doing something, you get more of an appreciation. You may find yourself loving it or hating it. When you outsource, you will probably find a greater appreciation for the person doing it too.

Do something yourself first. You’ll learn so much from it.