One morning, I was getting my little boy ready for school. My husband was traveling somewhere so I was home alone with my little boy and I was in a rush. After hurrying him along to put his jacket and shoes on and asking him to get a move on, he sat there looked at me, and refused. He was cross with me for rushing him and made it very clear. 

This was when the phrase – Go slower to go faster – came to mind. I apologized to him and took things slowly. I gave him the time he needed and slowly we were on track again.

Go slower to go faster sounds counterintuitive but it can make sense in many areas. For example, it can help when you need to be careful and not make mistakes because mistakes may cost you time and money. 

How about when you’re unsure about something, you give yourself more time to think and plan before taking action.

Then there’s the example of working with other people like with my little boy. We’re not always on the same page and especially when other people’s feelings are involved, it often pays to go slower. 

I often find myself enjoying something more when I go slower as it feels more mindful and intentional.

So when would be good for you to go slower to go faster?