“I can hear the echo”

A sound engineer friend was watching my videos on LinkedIn and asked if I was interested in receiving feedback. I’m always interested to see what is possible. He asked about the room I was recording in, the microphone, and the software I was using.

I invited him for lunch so he could check out the room, and the moment he stepped into my office, he explained why. I try to keep my office sparse as I prefer it uncluttered however that means there isn’t much stuff. Apparently, I have a lot of hard surfaces reflecting the sound. 

He talked about acoustic absorbers, microphones, software, audio interfaces, stands and a lot more. I felt like it was another world. Everyone looks at things from their point of view and it was incredible hearing the different things there are available out there. I had no idea!

I was very grateful for his input, although admittedly a bit overwhelmed too. I’m going to review and digest the recommendations and implement them step by step over time. 

I love learning from people. You can get such depth and insights into different topics. It’s often worth seeking professional help because you can save yourself so much time and effort. If you are open to it, you can benefit from the advice they have to give.

If you would like help taking action with an area in your life, something you have been putting off but is now ready to address, I am happy to discuss with you on a complimentary discovery call.