I recently had a client ask me how having an audio recording would change their beliefs so I thought I would address it in a blog since it was a good question.

Let’s say you have had a belief for a while, for example, that you don’t feel as good or as smart as other people. This may have come from your childhood, from your time in school where you were compared to other kids or your parents compared you to your siblings or cousins saying how clever they were. This may have happened decades ago, yet somehow you are still holding onto this old belief and it’s affecting your life now.

With Rapid Transformational Therapy work, you go back to the root and cause of why you feel that way. First, we understand what the topic is and how you would like to feel instead. We go back to a number of different scenes to understand how that belief was created. By understanding where it comes from, you can start to let go of the old belief and change it to something that supports you instead. In this example, it could be something like you know that you are smart and you feel and know you are good enough. 

This is where the audio comes in. I create a tailored audio recording specific to you and your needs based on how you would like to feel instead. You listen to the recording for at least 21 days so that your mind is listening to these positive new thoughts and beliefs. This changes the neural networks in your brain to ones that support you instead. With repetition, you start thinking differently.

And that is how the audio recording can change your beliefs.