“Create language that motivates you”

At our recent 3 months, 3 goals workshop, we asked the participants to share what they took away from the workshop. One of them said it was the sentence “Create language that motivates you”. Edson said this when one of the participants was talking about getting more visibility for their business.

I had also written this sentence down. It made a lot of sense. When we talked about getting visibility and we spoke about social media posts, it didn’t inspire the person. However, when we started speaking about helping people, then it took on a different meaning. They understood why they wanted to create social media posts because that would mean reaching and helping more people.

It’s a simple difference but very powerful. Going to the reasons for why you want to do something and reminding yourself of this can make all the difference. Instead of questioning all the time and worrying about what people may think, it can be enough fuel to sit you at your computer, get you to write those posts, and click the Post button.  

What language motivates you? Maybe it’s sharing your life experience that can help others not feel alone. Maybe people can learn from what you did. Maybe you know you want to provide the most opportunities for your children. Maybe fun is the most important thing for you. Whatever it is, create the language that motivates you.

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