How can you make it more fun?

I’ve started listening to Effortless (1), Greg Mckeown’s latest book and I’m enjoying it very much. One of my takeaways so far is infusing tasks with fun. Whilst I know full well the concept of rewarding yourself after doing a task, it was a good reminder to reward yourself whilst doing a task, to make it more enjoyable.

He talked about how he struggled to do the dishes with his kids after dinner – basically, they disappeared and didn’t want to help. They turned it into a fun event, blasting Disney tunes making it into a big karaoke evening session for the family so they all had fun while they were clearing up. 

I loved the example of how he had a backlog of calls to make and he wasn’t looking forward to them. When he decided to do them from his hot tub, they became enjoyable and he was even disappointed when he had finished them. Where can I buy a hot tub? ☺

I’ve not a huge fan of driving but I have a 25-minute commute to pick up my little boy from school. These have been far more pleasurable since I have my Audible subscription and I can listen to books like Effortless. I even miss my audiobook time when my son doesn’t have to go to school.

What could you do to make a task you’re not looking forward to, more fun?


  1. Effortless, Greg McKeown