My husband recently helped his mother move into a new home. I think we have all moved homes at some point and know how much work is involved. Within a week, they had packed all that she wanted to take from her old house, the movers took the big pieces of furniture, the move was done and they had unpacked all the boxes. Phew! 

It was intense days, starting early and finishing late for them. They would get takeout food to sustain them so they saved their time cooking and they ploughed through. My husband is a classic Questioner (1), so something has to make sense for him before he will do it. I think he’s a machine when he sets his mind to a task he believes in. 

Every night we would speak and one night I told him how quick they had been and I was impressed by how they had gotten so much done. He replied with “I know why I am doing it”. It is important for him that his mum has a new home that she is happy with.

Although finding their why is a must for questioners, everyone benefits from knowing their why. If you are struggling to move forward with a task, get back in touch and remind yourself why you are doing it. It can make all the difference.

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