A few weeks back, I was reading about Emma Raducanu who had won the US Open. I loved watching the highlights of the game seeing these 2 teenagers on the court. How inspiring to see such young people already at the top of the game, with such expertise and dedication.

One thing that stood out for me from the interviews was how Emma had worked with a number of different coaches throughout her training. As she approached the US open, she had gone back to a coach that she had worked within the past.

She sought out the expertise from these different coaches, asking questions and putting the advice into practice and ultimately winning.

What I took away from the interviews was whatever it is that we are working on, we can learn from experts and get further in a much shorter period of time than if we tried to figure it all out ourselves. 

It can be as simple as reading from books, getting different author’s perspectives. It is smart to work with different coaches, to learn from the best in one area and from the best in another. You’ll get more insights and perspectives that you can then draw on to see what is best for you.

Coaches are not just for the sporting world, they can be found in every area of life.

Where would you benefit from working with more coaches?