“We don’t have a life in the evenings”

I went to a party recently and I was talking to some friends of my friend. We were discussing our kids’ bedtime setup. They said they didn’t have a life in the evenings as they were putting their kids to sleep.

We also used to spend more than an hour putting our little boy to bed, we would sit in the bedroom waiting for him to fall asleep and it took a long time. It wasn’t until the therapist we are working with suggested a new strategy. Initially, when she said that we would be sitting on the sofa for 60 mins in the evenings instead, I laughed out loud because it felt so foreign. 

We built up the amount of time we were away from the bedroom, starting with increments of a minute, yes, we started at a minute! It took a while but once our son understood the system and felt confident that we were around, we were quickly able to build up the time to an hour being outside the bedroom. We are still working on it to the point where he will be able to fall asleep himself. 

Speaking to my friend’s friends at the party made me realise that we had just been accepting the situation for a long time. We didn’t even realise there was a possibility to change things. Like them, we had tried so much, different strategies and techniques which hadn’t worked. After our chat, they said to us that they were willing to give it another go. It’s almost like you get woken up to the possibility that there’s another solution out there and you don’t have to put up with something that isn’t working.

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