What does it take to catch up with old friends?

A friend visited us from the UK recently. He had been wanting to come for a few years but he had tried to time it together with another friend. This date didn’t work for him, that date didn’t work for the other friend and so it went on.

Like most, no one’s been traveling for the past couple of years so when the border started easing, my friend pinged me and asked if he could visit. As we are moving to the UK shortly, I said yes – one of our last visitors before we go.

Before his trip, he asked who was still in Zurich and he managed to get hold of people I hadn’t seen in ages. There were quite a few of us that used to go out when we first came to Zurich, we’re talking around 18 years ago!

You know you are old friends when you catch up with each other and it’s as if no time has passed. We found old pictures showing our youth. We shared photos of kids and what we had been up to.

I’m grateful my friend decided to visit because he was the catalyst for some of us to get together. Time moves quickly and before we know it, I will have moved away so it was wonderful to have that opportunity to see some of my longtime friends.

Is it time to catch up with old friends? What’s your catalyst going to be?