What’s your calendar like? Do you run a tight schedule with back-to-back meetings? Or do you try to keep it easy with something every now and then?

We recently travelled to the UK to look at schools and I tried to keep the appointments spread out with space in between. I was glad it was like that as there was room for spontaneity. 

For a start, we were able to visit a couple more schools than we expected so we could really get a feel for what schooling possibilities that were out there. 

Since we had time, we snuck in looking at a potential house and were able to catch up with a few people. Throw in some time to do a little shopping and a visit to the train museum. On a couple of the evenings, my husband and I managed to go for tea at the local pub just to wind down, decompress and reflect on the day.

It was a busy but productive week and the best news was – we managed to get a school for our little boy! We were super happy and grateful for this as this was the reason we went. It worked out in a nice way without the week being too much for us to handle.

Sometimes we need a little space for the unexpected and for opportunities. 

Do you have space for spontaneity in your life?