Do you ever have the feeling that when things go wrong, they all go wrong at the same time?

I planned to send my landing page draft for my group program to my accountability buddies this Tuesday. And then…my little boy got sick with a fever, which meant he couldn’t go to daycare. This took out a couple of days I had planned for working on this. On top of this, throw in an unexpected dental procedure and a husband who is about to travel. Let’s just say things are a bit chaotic at the moment.

I used to get super frustrated that things weren’t going to plan and I would find myself in rather a bad mood. Nowadays, maybe it’s age, I find myself accepting change and unexpected events more readily. I’ve seen it happen before and having a bad mood did not change the fact the events happened, nor did a good mood. Since neither changed the events, I now choose the good mood.

When the difference between my expectations and reality differed too much, that’s when I used to get frustrated. Whenever we set our expectations high and they aren’t matched, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

So, I’d like you to think about your expectations, the ones you have with people around you, your work and your environment. Start questioning them. Do they make sense? And for those that don’t – it’s time to let go.