Yesterday, I gave a speech titled “How do you think big?” at my Toastmasters club, sharing my journey on thinking bigger. One of the members came up to me and congratulated me on showing vulnerability and a bit of nervousness. She said it “makes you more human”. I smiled because it’s not the first time I’ve received the “Makes you more human” comment.

I heard this a few years ago when I had taken on a challenge I couldn’t pull off. In 2015, I had booked a venue to host the 3rd Curious Courses Day, a large event as part of my old company. I had taken on this event whilst heavily pregnant. I thought I could organize it while my son slept. Hah! I can hear the parents amongst you laughing. I had no clue what having a newborn meant.

When my son arrived and the 2 hour feeding cycle started, I agonized over how I could pull it off, finding myself not being able to sleep despite being totally exhausted. When I finally came to my senses and cancelled the event, I got an email from a friend saying “It makes you more human”.

Trust me, I’m human. Often with businesses, we only see a façade, what people want to show. When we show the human side of ourselves, we connect at a deeper level. People can relate more so don’t be afraid to show the human side of you.