I helped my little boy open the second day of his advent calendar. I bought him a beautiful calendar with “Wieso, weshalb, warum” (why, why, why) books. Every morning he gets a mini book. We’re trying to explain the concept of opening a window each day. If you have no concept of time, it must be odd having to wait.

Funnily enough, his grandma sent him a book advent calendar a few weeks ago. This one is with Alfons, a popular Swedish cartoon character. He didn’t understand that he needed to wait so all the books were out before we knew it.

I love advent calendars – especially chocolate ones ;-). As I walk through the shops now, I’m amazed by the variety and creativity of them.

Other industries have cottoned on; there are ones with Lego, perfume and beauty products. There are online ones showcasing products, partners and prizes, here’s one from Girlfriend Guide of Zurich (1) and one from Zeot Dance School (2).

I’m impressed that some people create their own and let their creativity flow, finding 24 small gifts for their loved ones.

It builds a lovely sense of momentum, pathing the way towards Christmas.
Today is the first Sunday of advent where many people light the first candle of four. These candles represent hope, peace, love and joy over the four Sundays of advent.

I wish you a happy advent period, however you choose to mark it.


1) Girlfriend Guide of Zurich Advent Calendar
2) Zeot Dance School