When I was working in corporate, I always worked in a team. When I launched my own business, I was a solopreneur and it quickly dawned on me that it could get quite lonely.

Sometimes there were simple questions like “Which font looks better on this flyer?”, “How do you do this in Mailerlite?” or “What do you think of this text?” that were left unanswered until my husband got home.

It was easy to get stuck in my head, pondering over something that may have easily been resolved had I had people around me. I dread to think how much time I wasted. I tried to find ways to resolve this and considered joining co-working spaces and even checked out a few but still I didn’t feel comfortable asking people I didn’t know so well.

What I wanted was people I could trust around me. An idea came. Some friends also had businesses and were working alone at home. We agreed to work at each other’s places a few times a week. I was amazed by how well this worked. Even though we were working on our own businesses, we were able to help each other by being sounding boards for one another.

Come to think of it, you don’t even have to work in the same space. Have a regular call with someone to sound ideas and I’m sure it will move you forward. Try it out!