Kickstart 2021 Workshop

Springboard into 2021

2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging years in history for most people in some shape or form. We have all learnt a lot. It’s shown us how resilient and adaptable we are and what we are capable of. 

Let’s use what you have learnt in 2020, stay in this fluidity and keep creating. 


What would you like your 2021 to be?

2021 can be the year you are in the best shape ever. Where your business or career does amazingly well.  With stronger, deeper and connected relationships.  Feeling more confident and inspired.

Use this creativity and resilience to set yourself up for success in 2021.

Plan your work and work your plan.” – Napoleon Hill

We invite you to join us for Kickstart 2021.

Date: Sunday, 3rd January 2021

Time: 13:00 – 15:00 CET (European Time)

This is a FREE interactive online workshop held on Zoom.

When and where is the workshop?

We will be reflecting on the last year, acknowledging how far you have come and celebrate together.

Next we will create epic and inspiring goals that you are excited and motivated to work on.

Finally we will give you some tools that will set you up for success.

About Edson and Selina

We both believe that a world with happy, fulfilled and purpose driven people is a great place we all want to live in.

We have known and worked with one another for over 10 years. We have similar backgrounds having both worked in corporate just in different industries, Edson for Nike in advertising and Selina for UBS client advisory and as entrepreneurs running our own businesses. Edson comes from Suriname, grew up in the Netherlands and lives in the UK. Selina is a British born Chinese who lives in Switzerland.

We both love challenging each other and other people to grow. Selina is driven by curiosity and Edson by creativity and both believe that the revolution is found in personal and creative leadership.

Edson is a high performance coach and Selina is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, bringing many aspects of our complimenting expertise and experiences together in the “Own your Confidence” workshop.

Selina has a 5 year old son and Edson has a 10 year old daughter.  We want all children to grow up in a world that is peaceful, full of love, positivity, where people respect one another, where they look after Mother Earth, where people are happy and fulfilled as they are living purposefully. We are both committed to this vision and the time is NOW.


The future depends on what you do today.” – Ghandi

“Never have I been introduced to such positivity, creativity and “let’s do it” mentality. I felt so inspired after the workshop and I’ve made some drastic changes in my life since then.”

- Karin Hagelin Andersson (Life Purpose Workshop Participant)

I am so thankful and happy that I started the sessions and coaching with Selina. I especially love the hypno sessions. I decided to work with her because it was always hard for me to formulate and follow through with my goals. Besides helping me with these tasks, Selina has helped me understand myself and my needs much better. Right now, I feel so much more connected to myself. I changed many things in the last half-year because of those realizations. Thank you Selina!

- Marina Peters

Working with Edson as my Coach has been a life changing experience for me. The 1on1 life purpose workshop was mindblowing for me and opened a new perspective to my life journey. Still, a workshop values nothing unless what one acquires is brought to life. And I worked with Edson in individual coaching sessions to bring my life purpose to life. What I got out of it? A better me with a better lifestyle serving my purpose. I have become more disciplined, more focused, more clear and more determined in giving meaning to my life. I now have clear milestones in front of me, I feel complete, I know why I am here and what I need to do. It has been one of the best investments in my life.

- Dana Crisan

If you’re a person overwhelmed by long to-do lists and not knowing how to start progressing with your tasks. Or if you’re just searching for changes in your life and don’t know how to start. Or maybe you’re still believing that you’re not enough yet to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true… I have good news!

Selina has something for you! Her workshops will not just help you to overcome procrastination but also will bring a new quality to your life and the lives of people you’re surrounded by.

- Iwona Fluda

I feel like I can do whatever I would like to do. It does not have to look or be like somebody’s else’s. I can speak up like me, I can write like me and I can do more like me. And that’s not good or bad, it’s just like me”

- Helen Skinner (Own your Confidence Workshop Participant)

“Edson has helped me to tune into my feelings again, allowing me to live from a place of authenticity and truth. I was so caught up in the ‘busy’ that I was unaware I functioned from a place of ‘I should’ rather than ‘I feel’. It’s been an interesting and liberating journey. Edson’s talent for getting into the root of situations and moving things forward with a gentle coaxing hand is awesome.”

- Rachel Pook