This is for you if…

You have ever felt like a fraud.

You question and doubt your own abilities.

You keep looking over your shoulder worried that you will be found out.

You feel that you are not good enough or as good as others.

You feel nervous and anxious before presenting, speaking up and / or delivering your work.

You would love not to feel this way.


What if you could…

Feel free to express yourself.

Have the confidence to speak up.

Feel like you belong in the room.

Know that you have every right to be there.

Believe in yourself and what you can do. 

Feel that you can handle anything.

Know you are good enough.

Have the voice in your head say “I can do it”.

On this program, you will:-

Realise that you are not alone with these thoughts.

Learn what imposter syndrome is and understand where it comes from.

Be introduced to tools and strategies to overcome and work through your fears.

Discover what is causing you to feel this way and change your belief system.

Learn the ways that the most successful people use to own their confidence.

Receive practical guidance and coaching.

Create the right environment to set yourself up for success.


Workshop Details

New dates for 2021 to be announced. Please join the waiting list to be informed.

I am free to be what I want to be”

About Edson and Selina

We both believe that a world with happy, fulfilled and purpose driven people is a great place we all want to live in.

We have known and worked with one another for over 10 years. We have similar backgrounds having both worked in corporate just in different industries, Edson for Nike in advertising and Selina for UBS client advisory and as entrepreneurs running our own businesses. Edson comes from Suriname, grew up in the Netherlands and lives in the UK. Selina is a British born Chinese who lives in Switzerland.

We both love challenging each other and other people to grow. Selina is driven by curiosity and Edson by creativity and both believe that the revolution is found in personal and creative leadership.

Edson is a high performance coach and Selina is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, bringing many aspects of our complimenting expertise and experiences together in the “Own your Confidence” workshop.

Selina has a 5 year old son and Edson has a 10 year old daughter.  We want all children to grow up in a world that is peaceful, full of love, positivity, where people respect one another, where they look after Mother Earth, where people are happy and fulfilled as they are living purposefully. We are both committed to this vision and the time is NOW.


“Fear only exists in the mind

“Never have I been introduced to such positivity, creativity and “let’s do it” mentality. I felt so inspired after the workshop and I’ve made some drastic changes in my life since then.”

Karin Hagelin Andersson (Life Purpose Workshop Participant)

Life Crisis Coach

“Edson’s sessions gave me the confidence to ask for what I am worth which doubled my income, leave my dysfunctional marriage now rather than later, implement a harmonious separation that has led to us all being happier.

Olivia Schofield (Coaching)

Communications and Virtual Presentation Coach. Award winning Speaker - Tedx Speaker - Public Speaking & Leadership Coach

“Something that I had avoided for so long through fear I jokingly now refer to as my favourite hobby! I’ve made a lot of great new connections recently as a result of my new found confidence and enjoyment, which has also had the knock on effect of increasing my confidence generally.

Alia Mckenzie-Murdoch (Networking Workshop Participant)

Owner & Creative Director, ZeoT Zürich

Edson has helped me grow to fulfil my potential throughout my university career. I have gained more confidence in myself and my abilities and have learnt to control the narrative of my own life“

Nina Penzel (Coaching)

Masters Degree Student