When I decided to set a limit of 240 words per blog post on my 100 day challenge, the challenge suddenly became much easier. I realized that I could only speak about one point and would need to keep it succinct. Also, I could stop writing after 240 words! It’s setting limits so a task doesn’t get unwieldy and out of control.

It reminds me of the “pecha kucha” presentation style where you have 20 slides that auto slide every 20 seconds. Created by two architects in Tokyo (1), who were tired of endless and dull “Powerpoint” slideshows, the whole presentation lasts just 6 minutes and 40 seconds. This keeps them short, graphic and to the point.

It also gives the mind a challenge to work on and a problem to solve. So if you are finding yourself putting off a task, ask yourself how you would do it with a limit?

For example, if you are struggling to write your website text, maybe give yourself a word limit or have all the relevant information above the fold (2). If you are not keen on networking but know it’s important to attend an event, set yourself a challenge of meeting 2 new people or spend 30 minutes there. If you are enjoying yourself, you can stay, otherwise you are free to go.

Where could you add a limit to help you achieve a task?


(1) Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham
(2) When you open a webpage, “above the fold” is what is shown before a person needs to scroll.