Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious and Procrastinating? You’re Not Alone.

Do you ever feel like there’s too much going on? With life feeling like a never-ending cycle of responsibilities and tasks? Like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done? Just as you tackle one issue, another one appears, leaving you feeling like you’re on the brink of exploding. Where do you even begin?

It’s not uncommon for these feelings of overwhelm to lead to anxiety, nervousness, irritation, and even anger. You may find yourself avoiding certain people or situations, or procrastinating on tasks you need to complete.

While feeling overwhelmed and anxious is normal from time to time, it can be harmful if it starts to affect your daily life and productivity. That’s why it’s important to take action and find ways to manage these feelings.

Through my own experience and my work with clients, I understand the difficulties of managing a heavy workload, reducing anxiety, and breaking the cycle of procrastination. I use a variety of strategies and tools including hypnotherapy, Body Code and other methods to help you regain control and get back on track.

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Selina has been a very positive influence. She has taught me a great deal about myself! I would recommend her RTT and strategy sessions. In the space of a few months I noticed a big difference personally and professionally.
Sunita Boyes

I highly recommend working with Selina, whether for RTT or coaching sessions, especially if you feel held back by certain beliefs or situations. Selina has great insight in work productivity and the business world which I can attest to as she empowered me to pursue a small business project that I had in mind. Thank you Selina for all your time and great help!
Hala A.

Selina’s approach with Rapid Transformational Therapy has helped me to stop procrastinating around the key topic of exercise and helped me to get fitter. Selina has a very calm, friendly voice, the sessions were done remotely and easily organised. I recommend time with Selina if you want to change a key habit for the better.
James Isilay

I’ve had the pleasure of a very enlightening and transformative session with Selina. I was guided in a very safe and comfortable way through the session and Selina kept a safe space for me to explore. She connected recurring issues and reframed them which caused a transformation. I left the session with a very peaceful feeling, light and ready. My day and the days after I had more energy, more focus and confidence. I highly recommend doing a session(s) with Selina if you want more energy, confidence or get unstuck.
Edson Williams