Are you a family with ADHD or autism challenges?

Every family has their challenges. Some families have more than others.

Children with ADHD or autism can find it difficult to express what they need and want. This can be frustrating, not only for the child but for the parents and the family. When the child’s needs are not met, this can result in anger, meltdowns, anxiety, lack of confidence or in unwanted behaviour.

As a parent of a child with autism, I understand the types of challenges that we can face. Like many families, we have structures in place to support ourselves, including a supportive school, therapists, visual aids and we do what we can to best support our child. 

Still, there can be situations which are overwhelming for the child and they don’t know how to manage their emotions. When these emotions are not fully processed, they can build up and unfortunately be expressed in ways that are detrimental to themselves and others. Using the Body Code and other methods, I help the child to release these trapped emotions and beliefs allowing them to regulate their emotions more easily. I also work with the parents and siblings as they are often affected by the child’s behaviour. 

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Selina helped me the moment I needed help the most. My daughter (8) was totally overwhelmed and frustrated from school and became very ill from panic attacks and stayed at home. Selina helped me identify and release the emotions my daughter was holding onto and …..now she is a happy kid again and we have learnt how to act differently in situations. I also worked on my releasing my own emotions with Selina and this was important because I don’t want to pass these onto my children.

Stephanie Bol

I had previously never heard of the Body Code method and it was all new to me. I am so grateful I came across this technique. I have seen such a positive change in my son. From being the most anxious child in the room to Mr. Confident. His confidence was shining through in a matter of days after the therapy. I couldn’t believe the change in him and to notice positive results so quickly exceeded my expectations.

I am so glad I discovered this type of healing that can be carried out remotely without worrying your child which is fantastic. Selina had a very caring and empathetic approach. I would be more than happy to use Selina’s services again and will shout from the roof tops about this type of therapy which I think everyone can benefit from.

Parent of an 11 year old boy

I had no idea what a session with Selina would look like. And now I know, I would say, you need to experience it yourself. It is amazing how accurate and fast she is able to access the root of our daily struggles. I felt heard, understood and was more than ever, able to act from ‘what’ is needed from my son’s perspective versus ‘my own; what needs to be done’. It gave us the last bit of patience I needed to help him communicate better. I would certainly recommend her.

Ludmilla Skinner-van der Zanden

Often times we go through life unaware of the emotional scars and imprints we carry with us. Selina gently, yet highly effectively, takes you by the hand in uncovering these emotional blockages, and is able to release them – leaving you lighter, lifted and energised. I have witnessed detrimental persistent behavioural patterns in my children fade away, leaving them more at ease and in a far more peaceful state of mind.

Working with Selina has exceeded all my expectations. The Body Code method may seem somewhat abstract at first, but the results are undeniable. Selina’s approach entails an exceptional combination of professionalism, discretion and personal warmth. I got to experience both her work with adults and children, and both myself and my sons truly benefited from her treatment. The extent to which she is capable of releasing emotional blockages is unprecedented, and I would highly recommend Selina’s Body Code services.

Maryam S.