If you’re a person overwhelmed by long to-do lists and not knowing how to start progressing with your tasks. Or if you’re just searching for changes in your life and don’t know how to start. Or maybe you’re still believing that you’re not enough yet to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true… I have good news!

Selina has something for you! Her workshops will not just help you to overcome procrastination but also will bring a new quality to your life and the lives of people you’re surrounded by.

I really enjoyed our strategy session. Selina saw in me things, I haven’t been able to name & gave me a great number of suggestions and support.

Thank you, dear Selina, for making a difference in my life and in many lives in our community.

- Iwona Fluda

I learned about Selina’s Rapid Transformational Therapy through a workshop I attended this past spring to address emotional eating. This type of therapy was very new to me and I wasn’t sure what to expect with it. Would it really cut down my sugar cravings and change my emotional eating patterns just by listening to a recording every day for 21 days?

Happily, I can say YES! It was amazing to see how my subconscious was responsible for my negative behaviours and habits, and that by listening to insights she gleaned from the session and incorporating positive affirmations into the recording she made for us during the workshop, it turned the negatives into positives (plus her voice is so calming and pleasant to listen to)!

I can highly recommend Selina if you are struggling with something in your life that you would like to change, such as emotional eating, negative habits that hinder you, or whatever might be stopping you from being your best self. Her sessions provide insights into your subconscious to help you understand why you do things the way you do, which in turn help you find solutions to move forward.

Julie Blume

Our Happy Place

I lead a team of trainers for our Bank’s wealth managers.

 In the past, I ran 95% of all the trainings and seminars. The fact was I presented too much and my team too little. We wanted to change this proportion as a way for all of us to grow.

 I decided to try group hypnotherapy to address the roadblocks the team had in public speaking. We invited Astuti and Selina to hypnotize our team and myself in our office.

This helped! Combining the group hypno session together with our team goal of getting my team out on stage definitely had an impact. The proportion of the work has shifted to me doing 70% of the training. This is a great achievement!

 Astuti and Selina were very understanding, knowledgeable and challenging in a good way. Their profound banking background made it, of course, easier for them to understand the corporate world and the issues we face when presenting to and training “corporate soldiers”.

 If you are thinking to have a group hypnotherapy session for your team, my recommendation is to define your goals precisely and encourage your colleagues and team to be open-minded. Give it a try. There is nothing to lose!

- Annik Kapila

UBS Wealth Management

– Niall Doherty, eBiz Facts

I was in a situation where I had to make some important decisions and felt like I had no connection to my inner voice. I felt unable to make those decisions without being able to connect to my intuition.

Working with Selina helped me immensely. She quickly helped me reconnecting with my inner world and wisdom and made me realize that the connection had always been there – only had I stopped noticing it, proactively seeking it.

I remember being very nervous before a meeting, but feeling calm and at ease only minutes into our session. Selina’s work is gentle, wise and beautiful and I am truly thankful I had the chance to experience it.

Working with Selina was such a tremendously helpful experience and I recommend working with her to anyone who is facing important questions or life changes. 

Thanks, dear Selina, for everything!

- Christine H.

– Iris Weinmann

Having used hypnotherapy successfully during my pregnancy and the birth of my son, I was immediately drawn to the idea of using it to tackle the nerves I felt around networking.

What I found so great about the experience with Selina was the fact that we discussed our personal fears which were then integrated into the hypnotherapy session. I think this really added to the effectiveness of the process rather than it being a generic ‘one size fits all’ experience.

Selina inspires confidence in you anyway just by the way she is but listening to her voice at the subconscious level was not only relaxing but also changed something quite fundamental in my experience of networking. This suddenly dawned on me when after a couple of weeks of listening to the hypnosis recording I went to an event and realised as I went home that I had completely forgotten to be nervous! Something that I had avoided for so long through fear I jokingly now refer to as my favourite hobby! I’ve made a lot of great new connections recently as a result of my new found confidence and enjoyment, which has also had the knock on effect of increasing my confidence generally. 

Its only by actually putting yourself in the situations you fear that you’ll be able to increase your confidence and the hypnotherapy session with Selina really helps in taking the edge off the fear so that you can act and thereby increase your confidence. Highly recommended!
- Alia Mckenzie-Murdoch

Owner & Creative Director, ZeoT Zürich

– Doris Reimann

This has been an intense year of self discovery and growth, so I jumped at the opportunity to explore RTT with Selina.

Digging deep into the root of issues holding one back is never easy, but with Selina and her methodology, I felt at ease and discovered deeply hidden issues holding me back.

Through the session and the follow up practice, I have felt the impact of the therapy washing away what was holding me back, and giving me new perspective to build on. Like a deep tissue massage, she worked thoroughly and deeply into the mind, to help let go of what was preventing my growth.

- David Butler

Social Axle

– Danna Levy Hoffmann, Organilicious