Live with Purpose Your Best Self

A 3 days workshop coming to Zurich, you can be one of those people that is inspired by their own life and inspire those around you with who you are.


 Life is great it can even be AMAZING.

The journey from where you are to living that AMAZING life starts with connecting to your true North: what makes you happy, what inspires you, fulfills you and what values do you want to live by. Once you’ve connected with your true North, you have your compass for life and we will then look at what you envision for your future. With your vision in hand we then start working towards one of the goals using practical goal achievement tools and remove any obstacles that might have held you back in the past.

An AMAZING life requires an amazing person, we will discover who you are and how amazing you are and what it takes to be and stay amazing.

3 days where you will discover your Life Purpose, learn how to live it, create a vision for the next 5-10 years and start working towards that vision.

Day 1: We elicit your true North with the Life Purpose process getting clear on what make you tick,                  fulfilled and with great values. And an inspiring vision session looking at your next 5-10 years

Day 2: You work on one of your future goals and we remove any obstacles that have you held you                  back in the past

Day 3: This magical day you will meet You and all that is amazing about you.
           You will learn who you are and you will create a personal mission statement based on what                 you can be and do.
           It’s all about Personal Leadership living the best version of yourself.

Who is this workshop for?


                    * If you want more out of life
                    * You’ve got dreams unrealised
                    * You think you can do better in life
                    * You feel its time a for a change in your life

        The Life Purpose & Personal Leadership workshop have been going for more than a decade now and participants are still telling me about how greatly they have benefited from the workshop. Participants who went with early retirement, left jobs, changed jobs, left their partner, got married started their own business but all freer and living their inspired lives making it happen!

        This time we are taking it to a whole new level as I will be leading the workshop together with my Rapid Transformation Therapy Coach, Selina Man Karlsson. I’ve had the pleasure of having Selina as my RTT coach and her work has done miracles for me and I want you to have the same benefits of her work. Together we will take the workshop to a whole new level spiritually and practically.

We look forward to welcome you and anyone you care about on this magical journey.

-Selina & Edson


Being inspired be who you are, what you are up to and having faith in you making it happen…why not? It’s available for you, it will take 3 days, an open heart and mind, commitment and willingness.

During this workshop you will form your Life Purpose, get coached in to how to live your Life Purpose, envision your future, set goals and get effective goal achievement tools, overcome what has stopped you in the past, work on one key goal and leave with a personal statement.