Last night, someone came to collect my old dining table and I’m surprised that I’m a little sad today. I realized it’s one of the only things I had left furniture wise from the UK and I moved to Zurich ages ago.

The table was with me in London, in my first flat in Zurich and continued to move with us into our home now. It didn’t fit any of our other furniture plus we hardly used it.

Since we recently moved our TV to the cellar, I wanted to rearrange our lounge. Over the weekend, I asked some good friends to suggest alternative layouts and all of them said: “Let go of the dining table, you’re not using it”. It was true, we used it perhaps once a year so it was taking up a lot of space without serving a purpose.

Deep down, I know it was time to let go. After dinner, I was itching to move furniture. You know you have good friends when they jump up and start helping you move things around. Within a couple of hours, we had a new and improved setup. 

On Sunday, my husband put the dining table on tutti.ch for free. We had quite a few people interested in it and on Tuesday night, someone came to collect it. It all happened rather quickly. 

I’m happy that it can go to someone where it will be used properly. Plus we have more space in our lives too. Dining Table – Thank you and Happy New Home!