“What is the one thing that will take your business forward?”

It was a good question from my accountability buddy. Not always easy to answer but often it provides some light out of the foggy overwhelm tunnel. We’re often there with a large number of things on our plate, trying to do everything and getting nothing done. 

This is why it’s great to have someone ask you these types of question. So you can separate what is important and what is not. I always prefer having a sounding board in the form of a buddy or a group but you can always ask yourself the same question. 

You can do it every morning – What is the one thing that will take my business forward today? And that becomes the main task of the day, occupying your best working hours. That is what you focus on and that only. The rest of the tasks can be fit in around this.

You can always choose another question that works for you. Let’s take:

“What do I want to do today?”

“What is the most important task on my list?”

“Who do I want to speak to today?”

“What do I choose to stop doing?”

“Why am I doing this task?”

“How will I measure the success of this task?”

Do you have a question that you regularly use? 

What is the one thing that moves you forward? Please share.