I’ve always been a good girl, doing what I’m told. It’s the Obliger (1) in me.  Occasionally a rebel streak comes out. Recently, I was closing last year’s accounts and my accountant asked me to print out some documents for completeness sake.

It sat by my desk for a while. Yes, I was procrastinating on doing it. Even though I work with procrastination, it still rears its head now and then. Finally, I sat down and said, let’s get this done so I can close this chapter.

I opened up my Paypal and found what needed to be printed. And then my common sense kicked in. I’ve been decluttering and getting rid of paper for a while now so it made no sense for me to print out things unnecessarily. I know where to access the information should I need it, so I can save a few trees now. I decided not to print out the documents. It felt good deciding not to do something. 

It is similar to parking projects but with the difference that it will only be revisited if the need arises. Should the need not arise, it is closed. 

Do you have areas in your life where you can also decide not to do something and therefore close some chapters? Tying up loose ends frees up mental capacity for other things. It’s rather refreshing, so have fun deciding not to do something.


1) Blog post: What do you need to build a good habit?