“Imagine having a pause button…”

I was working through some of my own personal development work with a coach and she helped me realise that we all have different times and paces. When I was working with people that were pushing me at a pace I wasn’t prepared for, she said to imagine that I had a pause button.

I could use this pause button to take a moment where I could collect my thoughts and decide what was right for me. Then when I was ready, I could hit play again.

We all have moments where we wish we could freeze time. Sometimes we feel it’s going to quickly and we don’t want it to run away. Like having a cuddle with your child or sitting on a beach enjoying the sunset or spending time with a loved one where you think it might be one of the last occasions.

I remember reading somewhere that the author’s daughter would at times pause and concentrate deeply. When asked what she was doing, she said she was taking a memory photo.

I like the idea of using a pause button to give myself the time and space that I need as it will be different from other people. I can use it to buy myself some time and I can use it to stop time to enjoy the moment and take a memory photo as well.

Remember time’s relative, so press that pause button whenever you need it.