So your diet is going well, you’re starting to feel fitter. You weigh yourself and you’re happy with the progress. So what do you go and do? Celebrate with a pizza.

How about this? You’re at an expo telling people about your business. You love speaking about it and you collect lots of business cards. You’re going to get in touch with them. And then what happens. They sit on your desk for months collecting dust. 

Do you ever find yourself sabotaging yourself when things are going well? You may be experiencing the Upper Limit Problem. Described by The Big Leap book’s author Gay Hendricks, as the amount of success you are willing to allow yourself to have.

He says it’s like having an “inner thermostat” that allows us to have a certain amount of success before we sabotage ourselves to take us back into our comfort zone. 

We can overcome this upper limit problem by becoming aware that we are doing this in the first place. When we notice the fear, breathe into it and ask what positive is trying to break through until you feel a sensation in your body. Stay with the feeling for as long as you can. 

It takes a bit of practice but when you start noticing you are reaching your upper limit, start breathing and see what positive is trying to come through for you. Allow yourself more success in your life.


1) The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks