Have you ever experienced coaching with a horse?. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to experience it for myself. 

I was at my quarterly mastermind meet up with my group, this time in Düdingen, a small village near Bern, Switzerland. We were fortunate to spend it at the farmhouse of where my mastermind buddy Selen keeps her horse.

We each presented a question and led the horse around the obstacle course. The horse gave signals through his behaviour and attitude, reflecting how we felt about the situation. Selen helped us interpret this into something we could understand.

I presented a question around how my business would look in the future and took the horse around. There was a part where I struggled to get the horse to do what I wanted, i.e. walk around a triangle, so I tried from different angles. Later, I got the horse to stop and pause in a section before walking on. After this point, it was easier to guide the horse and the horse even started playing.

Selen told me that I was making it very complicated for myself at the beginning but once I got clarity, the horse followed easily. It was an interesting message for myself and business. 

My mastermind buddies all received messages that they needed to hear, not necessarily wanted, but needed. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, being able to spend time with Selen’s beautiful horse and would highly recommend it.


  1. https://www.selengraf.com/