They say that kids thrive on routine and structure in many areas of their lives such as bedtime, activities, eating, etc. When there is no concept of time yet, it’s hard to understand what’s coming up next. Some friends suggested using a picture calendar to help our little boy understand what was planned.

We created a very simple Monday to Sunday list and added photos showing the week’s activities. This has been a great tool to explain things such as the days of the week, who he is going to see or be with, what transport we are using and what activities we have lined up. 

It’s led to a discussion about what he wants to do as well. For example, he loves the dinosaur museum so we can explain that we are going on a Sunday and point to it so he knows he still has some days to go before Sunday.

It made me think that I would also like to have a visual calendar for the year to show my speaking engagements, the conferences I am planning to attend, my holidays and whatever I want to include. It would show me how much time I have between events so I have enough time to prepare and any patterns. 

What works for kids, things like routine, structure and visualization, often work for adults too. If you think about it, we’re just big kids really so the same principles apply