Have you ever used a milestone to change something? Be it a new year or a new decade, a big birthday or anniversary.

I know a couple who on their anniversary go out for dinner and ask “Shall we renew the contract for another year? “After years of marriage, it’s probably a running joke but if you stop and think, it’s saying “Do I want to be with this person? “or “Let’s not take one another for granted”. Important points.

As I write my 300th blog, I am excited to reach this mark. When I started the 100-day challenge, I didn’t know where it would go and worried I wouldn’t be able to stick with the consistency. It’s good to re-evaluate and decide where to go next with this.

As I mentioned in my 2019 review, I have decided to help women who know there’s got to be more to life discover and live their vision. Therefore I have decided to write some longer blogs on these topics too.

I pondered over whether to continue writing the short blogs as well and why not, at least for the time being. I find it fun sharing musings, ideas and thoughts.

So going forward, I plan to have 3 short blogs and one longer more in-depth blog a week. I will only know if it is a good thing once I try it out, so you’ll see the changes in the next few weeks.