“Can I give you a bit of coaching?” Edson asked me. “Of course, go ahead” I replied.

I was catching up with my accountability buddy and coach Edson Williams (1) and I was telling him how I was feeling pretty good about things. He told me that whenever his clients were on a high or feeling successful, he would say, now tell me your success formula.

I had a think and realized what he meant. My success formula looked like this:

Success = Meditation + Me Time + Exercise + Good Food + Doing what I enjoy work-wise + Quality Time with Friends and Family + Giving Back.

He explained that whenever a client was feeling low, he would remind them of this and ask what was currently missing from their formula. I noticed that many of these factors feed into one another. Since I have been meditating, I am listening and becoming more aware of what I need. This is how I have added more “Me Time” to my schedule. 

I know a lot of parents who often put their needs last after all the family’s needs have been met. I was also doing this, trying to make sure everyone else was happy first. I now believe that this is the wrong way around as it depleted my own energy so I had less to give. Since I have had more Me time, I can give even more to my work and family. 

What is your Success formula?


  1. Edson Williams, Lead by Example