“I don’t check email when I am out of the office”

Wow, that’s a big one I told my client. She explained to me that it had helped her a lot to have clear rules. I understood what she meant, having clear rules often makes our lives easier. You often hear about it for children yet the same principles apply for adults. 

An area in my life that this has become pretty clear is around eating. I recently visited a functional medicine doctor and did a lot of blood work. All part of the work to look after the family’s health.  The tests came back saying I was to avoid dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, rice, rye, green beans, peas, lentils, etc. Wow, what can I eat?

It’s made it so much easier having clear rules, it’s not me guessing or dabbling anymore but knowing what is right for my body and what not. Sure, there have been moments when I, as a chocoholic, miss my milk chocolate but I know why I am doing it – to feel fitter, more healthy and to have more energy. It’s only been a short time yet still, I already feel the effects, feeling lighter and more in tune.

What other clear rules are there? Anything you make a rule can be a clear rule, so from leaving the office at 6pm to folding away your clothes at night, whatever works for you that you stick to can be a clear rule. 

What clear rules do you have?