“Sometimes people pop like popcorn”


Have you ever popped corn? Nothing happens for a while and then all of a sudden, you hear Pop pop pop pop pop and TADA – you have a big bowl of popcorn. 

I was speaking with a friend about when people are ready to take action. When someone is ready, they start popping like popcorn. 

So you read or learn something somewhere and it lays dormant in your mind until you are ready and once it makes sense – pop you go. I think we have all had experiences like that where we haven’t necessarily utilized things at the time but later, it feels like we are on fire and just gets things done left to right and centre, sometimes much to the astonishment of ourselves and those around us.

I’d say having the right environment is key to this, with the combination of some pain to avoid and some pleasure to look forward to. For example, the lockdown has created an environment where a lot of businesses have gone online and a lot of work has gone remote, the pain of not being able to meet their clients in person and the pleasure in that they can still serve and help them online. The owners of the business might have given it previously some thought but never got round to it but given the right temperature….pop.

Have you got the right ingredients? Have you got the right temperature? What do you need in your pan to make you go pop?